Emily + Blake

Emily + Blake

There are two love stories when it comes to the wedding of Emily and Blake. The main one, of course, is about this incredible couple who are so clearly destined to be together. Distance and separation just made their feelings stronger for each other. They have such an ease around each other — it’s beautiful to witness.

The second love story is the friendship I have with Blake’s mother, Leah. Leah and I “met” in a mom’s group online about eight years ago. She supported me through my pregnancy and since her kids were older, she gave me such great advice in those early days of me being a mom. What’s neat is that I didn’t meet Leah in person until her son’s wedding because she lives in Alabama.

Emily and Blake live near me, though our paths never crossed. When they were planning their wedding, Leah recommended they meet with me to see if they would like me to officiate their ceremony. I met with them and was thrilled when they choose me to curate their ritual.

This wedding had the added bonus of being the first time I met my dear friend Leah.

And there is nothing like being able to witness the union of two people so in love.