Hello! Since I get to learn a lot about you when working with you for a wedding or Reiki, here’s a bit about me. I’m a mom of twins, a writer, Reiki Master, wedding officiant, and activist. I live in the Hudson Valley, where I find great inspiration. I’m a Scorpio, moon bather, and chocolate chip cookie aficionado. My current favorite crystal is raw citrine, but I’m always in love with rose quartz.

I am certified in Dr. Usui Reiki, and work within this healing modality to heal body, mind, and spirit, helping to balance chakras, relieve pain, clear toxins, and reduce stress to name just a few benefits. I offer one-on-one sessions, read Oracle cards, and also host healing workshops for kids and adults. My Kid Reiki Workshops include working with crystal grids and botanicals to help kids gain confidence, employ meditation, and have a deeper love and awareness of self and all living things.

As an Ordained Minister, I create custom wedding ceremonies and work with couples, learning their love story and incorporating meaningful rituals. I also offer handfasting rituals, birth blessings, and vow renewal ceremonials.

I have been a writer and editor for various magazines, websites, and books during my nearly two decade career. My ability to story tell helps to enhance my wedding rituals, and my work as a parent/child activist and educator blends beautifully with the Kid Reiki Workshops.

All of this is my life’s work, and my passion in addition to this …


… my twins … my loves.

Contact me via email first preferred: micheleritualist (at) gmail.com

Visit me on Facebook, Michele Zipp Officiant.

Instagram: Michele Zipp Ritualist