Postpartum Doula

Picture 2As a postpartum doula, I am there to support and nurture mother and family in the days or weeks after baby is born. I’m a mom of twins and also a twin specialist — I can take any worry out of being a parent of two little bundles. (It’s the best!) I am there to mother the mother, and serve the family, so you can bond with your newborn(s).

I will help you with basic newborn education including bathing, swaddling, soothing, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, car seat safety, what products to use/avoid and more. Let me help you ease into parenthood without worry, and offer advice on all your questions or concerns.

My services as postpartum doula also include babysitting, making sure mother is eating and well-rested (same for father, other children). I can cook, bake, take care of light housework, and run errands. I can also help mothers with c-section complications, and work with you to ease back into a routine. I’m there for physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Please contact me for a consultation.

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