Brandon + Veronica

Brandon + Veronica

The wedding story of Brandon and Veronica is spectacular — not just because these two met in a photo lab thanks to their shared love and immense talent for photography and not just because they are just so clearly in love and inspirational people. Though those details in themselves are fantastic. But there was also a bit of other magic going on that makes everything here even more, well, magical.

Veronica and I first “met” on Instagram — we both followed each other and I am an admirer of her gorgeous wedding photography. She and Brandon hired me for their wedding and we began our email correspondence to shape the day. Then, one day about two months prior to the wedding, we randomly ran into each other when she and Brandon were day-tripping in my town!

Wedding day arrives. At Hayfield in the Catskills on June 23, 2018. It’s raining. But, the sun comes out just in time and I start to set up the altar to hold my Tibetan Bowl to connect with the spirit world and to self to open the ceremony, Palo Santo to burn and cleanse, and a crystal grid for the wedding rings. The grid was created with kyanite, citrine, green calcite, rose quartz, and amethyst. Rings are in a nest of rosemary and sage I harvested last year from my favorite local organic farm and peony petals from my garden.

Then, I hear my name. I look into the flurry of guests arriving and there is my dear friend Louise. As it turns out, Louise and Brandon are cousins and there I was officiating the wedding of one of my beloved friend’s family members and I had no idea until that moment. Louise and I hugged and were so happy to see each other (it had been far too long).

But back to the wedding ceremony! Brandon and Veronica are just … wow. You know when you meet a couple and you are in awe of them, of how they are together, of their love, of their connection? That’s Brandon and Veronica. I also love how this wedding was another reminder of how small the world is, and how connected we all are in some way. It’s a little extra reminder to truly love the people we love. Weddings are not just a connection for the couple, but for everyone there.

It was truly a special day … with a cherry on top.

Photos of Brandon and Veronica by Wild Heart Visuals.